1.    What is the purpose of NST Insight?

NST Insight seeks to provide an open and transparent platform for policy based discussion. While other forums may focus more on the political agenda, NST Insight focuses on policies affecting the general Malaysian population today.  

2.    What is the format of the forum?

There will be two panelists and one moderator at each forum. The forum will be conducted live with the audience given the chance to ask questions at the end of the session, depending on the timing. 

3.    Is this forum FREE of charge? How can a member of the public attend this forum?

There is no fee charged to participate in the forum. Interested members of the public may register via the NST Insight website at https://insight.nst.com.my, but invitation is subject to availability of seats.

4.    How many seats are allocated for the public?

Seats are limited and subject to each venue capacity. Members of the public who are keen to participate are encouraged to register their interest early once registration is open to the public.

5.    Who are the forum attendees?

The forum is open to all Malaysians from all walks of life and portfolios – ordinary citizens, ministers, politicians, policy makers, captains of the industry, executives and employees from both the corporate and government sectors, entrepreneurs, students etc. However, as seats are limited not everyone is guaranteed a place at the forum.  

6.    Where can I watch the forum if I am not able to get a seat?

The forum will be broadcast live on:

•    Facebook at www.facebook.com/pg/nstonline.

•    NST Online TV on YouTube at www.youtube.com/user/nstonlinetv.

7.    How many seats are allocated for each registrant?

Each registrant, if successful, will be allocated one seat only.       

8.    How do I know if my registration is successful?

You will be notified via the email address stated in your registration form. You may then follow the instructions stated in the email on the documents required in order to be allowed entry on the event day.

9.    Will there be a Q&A session during the forum?      

Yes. However the Q&A session will depend on the availability of time.  

10.    We are an organisation and would like to attend the forum as a group. How do we go about doing this?

You may send us an email to insight@nst.com.my. Please provide details of your organisation, number of pax and reasons to attend the forum. Your request will then be escalated to and evaluated by the event organisers.